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“How can one remain appropriately centered on performance in the face of intense pressure? “

It is essential to face training and competition with a plan. Note that training with a plan makes competing with a plan more natural and the plan has a greater chance for success. With a plan, the skill of attentional focus keeps the athlete thinking about the right things to lead to peak performance.”

Performance and results are two related but distinctly different things. Many athletes have suffered in their development by thinking performance and results are synonymous.Performance as described is an action. A result is an outcome. Performance is one of the variables that affect an athlete’s result. Of course, results will determine who gets the medals, who gets selected to
the championships, and usually who gets the glory and recognition. For this reason, understandably, an
enormous amount of attention is paid to results by athletes, their parents,
and coaches. The problem is, the athlete doesn’t have control over their
results.On the other hand, an athlete has much more control over their

We believe in ” Good performance will lead to good results over time.

“This distinction is vitally important because most young athletes, and
even many experienced competitors, tie their self-worth to their results. As such, they may be very
pleased when their performance was actually subpar, or very disappointed when their performance was actually at it’s peak, due to outside factors which they may not be aware of. These reactions, and their impact on motivation, confidence, and approach to future training and races, may be exactly opposite of what is desirable from a developmental standpoint.

 The athlete who is able to focus entirely on their performance is more likely to follow a consistent
progression in their development. This is because day-to-day changes in performance are usually less drastic than those in results, and reacting to things within the athlete’s control enables them to make appropriate adjustments based on each performance.as an athlete that is focused on
performance sees a discrepancy between their performance and their result (for example, poor result relative to performance), they will be more likely to try to figure out why and learn strategies to help bridge the gap. 

“Sport Performance Mentor” is a professional Athletic Organization, Provide a proven method focus on training Athletics to see a discrepancy between their performance and their result and learn strategies to help bridge the gap.

 We believe in the effect of  Mental Power & Emotional Strength in relation to Physical Training to build an exceptional Young & Adult Athletes. 

  We  have developed a proven system to level up Sport Performance for Adult and Young Athletics. our core  Recipe is based on a complex mixture of biomechanical functions, emotional factors, and training techniques.

What we offer?

Our system is based on building  This one of the unique qualities of champions, and one that can only be obtained by understanding the results versus performance relationship.We build  Athletes from the Inside Out, Research have proven the need of integrating Many Aspects of training to Build  The Exceptional Performance Results.

  • Each person holds special qualities worthy the attention to grow & sprout into Athletics captivating  results. our programs is an integration of ,Subconscious Therapy & Imagery,Cognitive Sports Behavior Therapy.Optimum Performance Training and  Nutrition. We partner with the best in Alternative Healing,Health & Wellness .

We are happy to assist any Athletic on a beautiful Journey of behavior, Mental & Energy  Alignment  leading to  performance  success and goals achievements on any level 

Our clientele​ Young & Adult Athletics Unlimited possibility Dancers Golfers Basketball Players