I am starting from Below Zero, a Working mother that has limited time to relax not even time to walk.

Who I am to even think of competing in Wellness women’s division C, considering that I am at my lowest Physical Fitness level, mentally and emotionally Exhausted, But let’s Push these Self Limitations beyond our own self-beliefs.

I need all your support with my Phase I ( 4 weeks )

Dedication VS Procrastination. I have to stay consistent and be aware of my emotions as they will try to stop me. Homeostasis, a protective mechanism, and more I will share my feelings

Body Visualizer

My phase one is the hardess as i am trining tno tonly my Body but i have to train my mind to over come many emotions.

I have to honer these emotions and stop my normal patterns, and trust me i have a lot of habits and pattens that is tottaly at the opisit side of this Goal,